Empowering Our Team for Emergency Response

Mon, 20th May 2024

Our City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) National Special Needs & Disability Sub-Committee is taking proactive steps to ensure our team is equipped to assist all residents, especially those with special needs and disabilities, in the event of a natural disaster or other emergency.🧑🏽‍🦽‍➡️♿️

Through comprehensive training sessions, this sub-committee engaged 60 staff members of the Belize City Council to cover a range of important topics, including: (1) Disability Etiquette, (2) Disability-Friendly Attitudes & Behaviors, (3) Psychological First Aid, (4)  Introduction to Mental Disorders, (5) Wheelchair Maneuverability and (6) Proper Aid for Persons with Physical Disabilities. 

By taking part in these training sessions, we're strengthening our ability to provide compassionate and effective assistance to all members of our community during times of crisis.

Thank you to the Special Education Unit of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology who facilitated this training with support from the Belize Red Cross Society, The Inspiration Center, and Ministry of Health & Wellness.

At the Belize City Council, inclusivity and accessibility are paramount values. We're committed to ensuring that every resident, regardless of their abilities, receives the support and care they need during emergencies.

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