Sanitation Department

The existing Sanitation Department is located at 4 1/2 miles  on the George Price Highway/ Works Compound.

The Sanitation Department is responsible for:

  • The cleaning of loose garbage including hotspots
  • Culvert cleaning and dig out
  • Supervising the cutting/cleaning and weeding of lots/abandoned or empty (owner in the states, or can’t be located)
  • Derelict vehicles (Section 6 of the Summary Jurisdiction (Offences) Act

  • Monitoring of the schedule that is sent to us from Belize Maintenance Limited and Belize Waste Control
  • Landfill (located at 3 1/2 mls. Western Highway)

In addition to these we have Enforcement Officer and Sanitation Inspectors who monitor hot spots (an illegal area where residents or businesses dispose of their garbage).

The Enforcement Officers are authorized to issue littering tickets to those who are caught committing any littering offences. (please include section of the law)

The Sanitation department and Works department are currently involved in an Infrastructure drainage project.

In respect to the Solid Waste Agreement, one of our Enforcement Officer is working along an employee of Belize Waste Control to sign on businesses for their garbage to be removed which is in keeping with the Trade Licensing (Amendment) Act (No. 22 of 2009).

Please feel free to contact our department at 227-2308 or 227-7236 Ext. 226 to report any illegal offenses as its relates to garbage or for other assistance as it relates to Sanitation.

  • Sanitation Councillor: Kaya Cattouse
  • Sanitation Manager: Simeon Alvarez Jr.
  • Email address: