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“Belize, with the help of God and the support of its people, will stand upright and will do its duty and help bring peace, stability and prosperity to our region and to wider circles of our planet Earth”. George Cadle Price

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Hubert Pipersburgh

Hubert Pipersburgh was born on March 2 nd , 1965 and died April 5 th , 2020 at the age of 55. Born and raised in Belize City, Hubert started his educational journey in Belize City attending Queen Square Anglican primary school and St. Johns High School, after which he migrated to the United States as a teenager, where he spent over thirty-five years of his life.

Hubert was a jovial, charismatic, driven individual who took every opportunity to engage his Belizean brothers and sisters, serving his country both at home and abroad through the diaspora. Hubert never lost the connection and love for his home country. While in a better financial position living abroad, Hubert always wanted to return home and contribute to his home country in a meaningful way.

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    That opportunity presented itself when his childhood friend, Bernard Wagner, was elected as Mayor of Belize City in 2018. Hubert was confident that he could put to good use the experience and knowledge he had gained while living abroad. Never one to shy away from controversy, Hubert was particularly vocal in the Belize-Guatemala territorial dispute. In June 2016, Pipersburgh was one of the presenters at a town meeting for Belize Diasporans. Speakers presented pertinent information and accessible education about the Guatemalan military aggression on the Belize Sarstoon River, Belize’s chances of going to the International Court of Justice (I.C.J.) to settle the Anglo/Guatemalan dispute, and the [then] situation in Belize surrounding the issue. Hubert also became a vital part of Mayor Wagner’s team at the City Hall starting the groundwork to turn Belize City into a modern city, and this is exactly what he set out doing.

    Hubert believed that small business and entrepreneurs are the future for Belize and the driving force of an economy. As the Council’s Local Economic Development Manager at the Council, he started an initiative to boost economic activity within Belize City through community partnerships and collaboration with Belize City residents and business owners. He was a driving force behind the small business program “BCAP” (The Belize City Accelerator Program) that was launched in 2020, only a few months after his untimely passing. Hubert believed that if we create the platform where entrepreneurs can thrive, provide an environment conducive to growth, where valuable technical skills are shared and the tools necessary for a start-up is provided, we will no doubt help to usher these entrepreneurs into a future where they can indeed be their own boss.

    Hubert also played an integral part in the launch and success of the downtown Super Sale. The Super Sale is a monthly expo event held on Albert Street where local merchants are invited to participate and provide greater deals for Belize City to boost the economy in the downtown area and encourage shoppers to take advantage. Hubert found it important to highlight small businesses in every way possible and designated a space specific to the Local Economic Development (LED) unit that featured up and coming small businesses. The initiative helped to launch quite a few small businesses since its inception in October 2018.

    Hubert’s passion for his home country inspired the work to create a link between Belize and Belizeans abroad through a Diaspora program under the umbrella of the Belize City Council. This led to the creation of The Belize City Council Diaspora Help Desk. The Diaspora help desk caters to Belizean nationals living abroad. Here, Belizeans can connect 24/7 through a hotline providing Belizeans in the diaspora an outlet to seek information regarding opportunities and services they may require within Belize, including all services of the Belize City Council.

    On behalf of His Worship Mayor Bernard Wagner and the entire staff of the Belize City Council we pledge to continue the work of Hubert by bringing to fruition his vision for the Diaspora as well for the Small Business Initiative “BCAP”.

In honour of Hubert Pipersburgh, welcome to the “Hubert Pipersburgh Diaspora Help Desk”!

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June 16, 2021
His Worship the Mayor
Bernard Wagner
City Hall
#810 Regent Street, Market Square
Belize City, Belize

Dear Belizean Diasporans,

So many students attend school without the necessary tools to enhance their leaning experience. With the impact of Covid-19 on the economy this is the reality for many more Belizean families who have fallen victim to the ripple effects of a struggling economy. The Council is committed to a renewed dedication to building and fostering the growth of young Belizeans and to continue improving our communities.

With our annual Back-To-School drive, we seek to satisfy an urgent need and provide much needed social assistance and school supplies to low-income households as well as those who have lost their means of income due to the pandemic. The opportunity is before us to make a meaningful impact on our suffering communities.

As such, we look to you, our brothers and sisters abroad, to donate towards this worthy cause. This is a great opportunity to assist us in achieving our Back-to-School goal of supplying 500 backpacks and stationaries to our communities in need. The drive will take place from June 19th to July 11th, 2021. (See attached flyer for dissemination). Please donate by clicking on the links below:

Note that donations are not limited to the supplier provided in the links shared. Supplies can also be purchased independently from Office Depot, Staples or CostCo and directed to the address provided.

Jozine McGee

1975 ½ W. 48th Street
Los Angeles, CA 90062

Help us provide the support needed to equip our children and youths as they return to school. Initiatives such as these are important and will no doubt have long lasting effects on our communities. We are in this together!


His Worship Mayor Bernard Wagner
Mayor Belize City

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