PR Department

The Public Relations Department ensures that the citizens remain updated about the works that the council is accomplishing while also addressing the concerns of all city residents. The aim of this department is to fortify the existing goodwill between the council and the public. Our objectives are achieved through designing engagement campaigns and employing various communication tools to maintain a steady inflow of customer concerns and outflow of important public information.

Roles & Function:

The primary role of Public Relations is to keep residents informed about the initiatives of the Belize City Council geared toward fulfilling the various elements of our manifesto.

Other functions of the department include:

  •    Educating the public on all council projects and campaigns
  •       Fostering the council's relationship with the public
  •      Disseminating important updates, press releases, public notices, etc.
  •    Managing the customer care database, Belize City Council Website and social media outlets

The Public Relations Department also manages the council's complaint lines, which is 223-4014. All concerns can be addressed to this department that are then forwarded to the relevant departments for immediate attention. Report such as: over grown lots, drains, streets, garbage nuisance, etc.

Public Relations Department works closely with all departments to promote any upcoming events such as:

  •              Downtown Super Sales
  •              Public Meetings
  •             Annual Flag Raising Ceremony
  •             September 10th Bram
  •             September 21st Fest
  •              Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony
  •    Annual Christmas in the Park event
  •  Public Relations Mayor: Bernard Wagner
  •  Communications Manager: Erin Garnett
  • Email Address: