Parks and Playgrounds

Parks and Beautification:

All initiatives occurring at or involving parks, playgrounds and roundabouts within the city are managed by the Belize City Council. We continuously promote the adoption of parks and roundabouts by local business owners and investors, as it gives stakeholders the opportunity to show civic pride and be involved in the works of the Council.

The adoption process entails that the adopter will take on the cleaning and maintenance of the park or roundabout and are given marketing opportunities to brand these materials (i.e. benches, basketball rims, monuments etc.)

To date the council has been working in collaboration with multiple entities in the adoption of the following parks and roundabouts:

  •            Fred Westby Park
  •            Digi Park
  •            Daker's Park
  •            Home Protection 
  •       The Constitution Park
  •           The Love Park
  •       Rock Park 

Additionally partners who have adopted roundabouts include:

  •      RF&G Insurance
  •      Grace Kennedy
  •      Benny's 
  •      ROE Group Company
  •         The Belize Rotary Club 
  •      Digi 


  •      Parks and Playgrounds Councillor: Sherwin Garcia
  •      Parks & Playgrounds Manager: Delroy Herrera
  •      Director of Administration: Sharlene Rudon 
  •     Email Address: