City Council Members

His Worship Mayor Bernard Wagner

Finance and Administration, Budgeting, Human Resources, Staff Development & Training, Public Relations & Special Events, Anti-Corruption, and CARILED

Deputy Mayor Allan Pollard jr.

Works, Infrastructure, Urban Development, Labor Relations

Councillor Albert Vaughan

Traffic Management, Security, Municipal Court and Enforcement

Councillor Kaya Cattouse

Youth, Sports & Wellness and Sanitation & Maintenance

Councillor Micah Goodin

E-Governance and Community Engagement

Councillor Javier Castellanos

Management Information Systems and Market Management

Councillor Stephanne Hamilton (MBA, JP)

Tourism, Diaspora Relations, Zoning & Planning, Building Unit, Foreign Affairs and Sister City Relations

Councillor Edmund Kwan

Local Economic Development, Trade and Investment, Small and New Businesses

Councillor Deannie Requeña

After School Programs and Non-Governmental Organizations

Councillor Michael Novelo

Cemeteries and Public Health

Councillor Natasha Pipersburgh

CEMO, Climate Change, Disaster & Risk Management, Women and Children, Special Needs and Diverse Abilities Initiatives, Parks & Playgrounds, and Beautification