2024-2027 Belize City Council Members Site Tours

Thu, 04th April 2024

Today our newly sworn-in 2024-2027 Belize City Council Members embarked on their site tours! 

Starting off with visits to the Michael Finnegan Market, Parks Unit, Public Health & Cemetery Office, and the headquarters for the Works and Sanitation Departments. Thereafter, made their way across to the Municipal Court, Enforcement Department, Traffic Department, and City Hall.

These site tours offer invaluable opportunities for our members to engage directly with council staff and gain firsthand insight into operations. By experiencing the daily workings of each department, they are better equipped to make informed decisions and govern effectively. Moreover, these tours foster improved understanding and collaboration among council members and department teams. With each visit, our members are gaining a deeper familiarity with the inner workings that sustain our city's smooth operation.

Stay tuned for more site visits in the coming days as we work together to build a brighter future for Belize City!