Belize City Trade Licensing Board Members are as follows:

Chairperson: Mayor Bernard Wagner
Member: Councillor Javier Castellanos
Member: Mr. Esteban Mahler
Member: Mr. Mohit Budhrani
Member: Mr. Dufy Nunez Jr
Valuation Manager:  Mr. Troy Smith

Legal Advisor: Mrs. Margaret Gabb-McKenzie

Clerk: Ms. Tricia Bradley

How can I apply for a Trade License?

  1. Each person who wishes to commence a business (Trade) within the City limits shall, prior to operations should go to the Belize City Council for a Trade License application.
  2. Each person who wishes to commence a business shall submit a copy of their business registration certificate, before applying for a license.
  3. For existing businesses, renewal of trade license requires an application in writing to the clerk of the Board. The application must clearly set out the nature of business, the proper business name and address as specified on the form by the Board.