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Public Relations August 3, 2018

Public Consultation for the Zoning Ordinance of Northside Belize City

Yesterday evening the residents of Northside Belize City attended the Public Consultation for the Zoning Ordinance at Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute. Belize City Council’s City Planner Carla Patnett conducted the powerpoint presentation. Mrs Marilyn Ordonez Finance Director did the Introduction.  Thank you to our invited guests Councillor Ryan Elijio (portfolio inclusive of Tourism, Zoning and Planning) and Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musaand Citco’s City Engineer Floyd Williams for being in attendance. Extended thanks to Mrs Carolyn Trench-Sandiford of the Belize Association of Planners for your presence. As well as all our northside residents for their well-appreciated feedback which will be taken to the Innovaterra consultants for consideration.

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