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28 May
May 28, 2018 0 0

Swing Bridge gets a Facelift

This past Saturday our Works Department alongside Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold and Councillors’ Albert Vaughan and Micah Goodin took to the Swing Bridge for a much needed colorful facelift. They were accompanied by students of Wesley Junior College. The bridge gets an annual or bi-annual paint job as needed as it one of the downtown area’s largest focal points anda historical landmark. Nearby corner Queen Street the pedestrian crossings were also repainted to ensure a safer pathway. The paint crew will be taking on other pedestrian crossings in the upcoming days.

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17 May
May 17, 2018 1 0

Public Health Unit at Gateway Health Fair

Today marks the 4th Annual Gateway Youth Center Health Fair at the Constitution Park in Belize City where attendees can get free testing on everything from Diabetes to HIV.  In addition to getting a better understanding of the services offered by the organizations taking part in the Fair. Those in attendance were: The Belize Cancer Society, Belize Council for the Visually Impaired(BCVI), Oceana, Ministry of Health, Belize Diabetes Association and of course our very own Public Health Unit. Students and teachers from the various highschools stopped by and gathered some flyers, asked questions and partook in the trivia games. The Belize City Council’s Public Health Unit’s Info desk was attended to by: Ms Tiffany Diaz – Sanitation Health Educator, Ms Lucy Avila Pitts – Sanitation Health Coordinator, Ms Josephine McCauley – Sanitation Health Educator and the Councillor with the responsibility of Public Heath, Councillor Deltrude Hylton. These ladies educated the public on the duties and responsibilities of their unit as well testing their knowledge of the Mayor & Councillors. All in all it was a notch on the Health Unit’s belt of creating an increasingly knowledgeable Belize City.

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16 May
May 16, 2018 1 0

Human Resources Sub-Committee Meeting

This morning the HR Sub-Committee Meeting was held in the Conference Room of the City Hall. This was to strengthen the committee to be more effective, reflecting on previous instances of natural disaster preparedness, networking and connecting with organizations for swifter assistance to residents, reassigning persons with strengths in needed areas, assessing shelters and shelter management, et cetera.  Members of the Sub-committee included:

Councillor Aisha Gentle

Mr. Wayne Usher – CEMO Liaison Officer

Ms. Angelita Esquiliano – Human Resources Personnel Officer

Ms. Charlene McDonald Allen – Executive Secretary

Ms. Sharlene Rudon – Human Resources/Public Relations Director

Mr. Hugh Broaster – Senior Audit Clerk

Mr Louis Thompson Jr – Parks & Playgrounds Manager

Mr. Jermaine Hyde – Municipal Court Manager

Ms. Laverne Smith – Payroll Clerk

Mr. Bernard Jones – CEMO Field Officer

Ms Ursula Smith – Human Resources Manager

Mr Kenroy Usher – Compliance Officer

The monthly CEMO meeting is scheduled for the upcoming week. We’ll keep you posted.



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15 May
May 15, 2018 5 1

Citco Meets with Christian Workers Union

This afternoon, The Belize City Council’s Mayor Bernard Wagner, Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold and Councillors; alongside Chief Union Representative for Belize City Council Ms. Stephanie Gongora, Finance Director Mrs. Marilyn Ordonez & Human Resources Director Ms. Sharlene Rudon were all present for a meeting with Christian Worker’s Union (CWU) President Mr. Mose Hyde, CWU General Secretary Mr. Floyd Neal and two (2) employees who faced termination that are CWU Members. Both sides expressed their concerns, the Mayor, Deputy and Councillors remained resolved that there will be no reinstatement of the employees that were let go. However, the Council does wish them the best in all their future endeavours.

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14 May
14 May
May 14, 2018 0 2

Traffic Department: Bicycle Safety and Traffic Sign education in the schools

The Traffic Department of the Belize City Council has taken it upon themselves to go into the schools to educate the students of Queen Square’s Infant 2 class on Traffic Signs and Bicycle safety. This was facilitated by Data Examination Clerk Ms. Leila Mckenzie and Senior Traffic Warden Ms Muriel Longsworth. The information was well received by the teacher and students who were very much engaged in the presentation. We hope to schedule with other classes and schools in an effort to create awareness of these traffic regulations.

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14 May
May 14, 2018 0 0

Mother’s Day celebration for Port Loyola moms

Our Councillor for  Women and Children Dr. Candice Pitts hosted a Mother’s day gathering in the Port Loyola area in the lot at the intersection of Louise Bevans Street, Unity Street and Malcolm Street. Councillor Aisha Gentle a mother of one (1) was also there to cheer on the wonderful mothers of the Port area. Evangelist Derrick Pitts was Master of Ceremonies, alongside Pastor Fredrick who gave a lovely sermon. Mrs. Carolyn Trench-Sandiford was the keynote speaker for the event. Also in attendance was Mr Marshall Nunez who gave the closing remarks. All in all it was a delightful Mother’s Day celebration well received by the mothers in Port.

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11 May
May 11, 2018 0 0

Belize City Council’s Mother’s Day Mass

This morning at Divine Mercy Church we honored the mothers of the Belize City Council with a Mass dedicated to them. The ceremony was officiated by Father Scott Giulliani. The Mass’ Welcome was graciously done by Deputy Mayor Oscar Arnold. As well staff members Cordell Gonzalez Sr and Troy Smith engaging the Citco congregation in Psalms and bible readings. The Special Constable Unit was present for their Petition portion of the service in addition to, Mr Joe Lawrence the Church Organist, performing a mother’s day song. We concluded a lovely and well organized mass with a Special Address from our Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner and Vote of Thanks by Councillor Albert Vaughan. Of course as a token of sincere appreciation the mothers were issued a small gift.

Here at the Council we understand the roles of our nurturing, caring and kind mothers employed with us and in a heartfelt way we honor them.

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11 May
May 11, 2018 0 0

Belize Tourism Board meeting at Citco

Shortly before noon today the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and Councillors as well as the Finance Director met with the Belize Tourism Board’s Director of Cruise and Destination Planning Ms. Noriko Gamero to discuss the way forward for Belize City and the Tourism Industry. A strategic plan inclusive of the artisans who are to occupy the kiosks of the Memorial Park, the Tour Operators and Tour Guides being more structured.  As well as the safety of tourists and vendors. Note we did say, ‘the way forward for Belize City’ meaning how we can improve the quality of and create new tourist attractions across the city. The discussion was primarily for the benefit of the people within this industry.

We’ll keep you posted on the results of the next upcoming meeting..

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10 May
May 10, 2018 2 1

Rainy Season drain suction

As the rainy season draws near we need to stay prepared taking into consideration every aspect of what can occur with our city streets and drainage. Thankfully our suction truck has been repaired and is now fully functional to get the job done of cleaning out backed up drainage and moving throughout the city especially to our most vulnerable areas.  If you know of any areas that could use some drain suction we welcome our public’s suggestions.

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