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Public Relations April 19, 2018

NEMO issued Shelter Management Training

Today the Special Constable Unit and Traffic Department convened at the ITVET Training Room for a National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO) training on Shelters & Shelter Management facilitated by Coordinator Ms. Timrose Augustine. The Special Constable officers, Traffic Wardens, Sanitation Department Inspectors, Managers and Supervisors in attendance were all extremely receptive to the information provided. It was both informative and interactive. The discussion ranged from: Tsunamis to Child Protection Policies inclusive of the International Mandates and the Humanitarian Principles, Discrimination of shelterees, Space Allocation, Water, Hygiene and Sanitation, et cetera. Ms. Augustine provided a session filled with scenarios of possible outcomes to give an idea of what the situation can quickly escalate to and allow the officers to use better judgement.

All in all our Traffic, Sanitation and Special Constable officers and Managers are now much more informed when the opportunity presents itself to make use of the training knowledge. In turn this allows us to be more confident of their ability to handle these high stressed situations when natural disasters occur.

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