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Public Relations July 3, 2018

Mayor Wagner supports “Hoots On The Beach Basketball Tournament”

Mayor Bernard Wagner is a great supporter of basketball and he values our young people very much. Mayor Wagner was invited by the Ahmadiyya Basketball League Belize to the “Hoots On The Beach Basketball Tournament” that was held in Cancun Mexico. The tournament included representatives from Belize, Florida, Puerto Rico, Playa Del Carmen, Cancun and Chetumal. Games played consisted of under 13, 15, 17 and 19 tournaments. Mayor Wagner was elated to represent Belize and was presented with the trophy on behalf of Belize.

Belama Gators won the U13 championship against Playa and ABL Belize U19 won the Championship in an OT against Puerto Rico

The Mayor takes this opportunity to thank Ahmadiyya Basketball League Belize for the invitation and expresses congratulations to all the players and coaches who worked very hard and did an excellent job representing Belize.

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