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Public Relations June 5, 2018

Launching of Collet’s newest Carepoint Center

Children Cup, via Pastor Derrick Pitts as National Director, launched its newest Carepoint Center in the Collet constituency on Sunday, June 3rd 2018. A significant development to the program is the collaboration with Councillor Dr Candice Pitts of the Belize City Council, to initiate a Grief Therapy Program at each of the sites: in Port Loyola, Pickstock, Collet.

The intention of the center is to have 3 counselors; 3 social workers; the support of our pastors; other volunteers ( 1 of each for the 3 carepoints in the City: Port Loyola, Pickstock, Collet. Councillor Pitts expressed the need for these children and their families to know that there is a safe space available for them. A space where they can vent. A space where they can receive the emotional care they need.

Our plan is to help create a healthier society, and therefore we need healthier people, healthier children.”

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