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Public Relations May 16, 2018

Human Resources Sub-Committee Meeting

This morning the HR Sub-Committee Meeting was held in the Conference Room of the City Hall. This was to strengthen the committee to be more effective, reflecting on previous instances of natural disaster preparedness, networking and connecting with organizations for swifter assistance to residents, reassigning persons with strengths in needed areas, assessing shelters and shelter management, et cetera.  Members of the Sub-committee included:

Councillor Aisha Gentle

Mr. Wayne Usher – CEMO Liaison Officer

Ms. Angelita Esquiliano – Human Resources Personnel Officer

Ms. Charlene McDonald Allen – Executive Secretary

Ms. Sharlene Rudon – Human Resources/Public Relations Director

Mr. Hugh Broaster – Senior Audit Clerk

Mr Louis Thompson Jr – Parks & Playgrounds Manager

Mr. Jermaine Hyde – Municipal Court Manager

Ms. Laverne Smith – Payroll Clerk

Mr. Bernard Jones – CEMO Field Officer

Ms Ursula Smith – Human Resources Manager

Mr Kenroy Usher – Compliance Officer

The monthly CEMO meeting is scheduled for the upcoming week. We’ll keep you posted.



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