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Public Relations May 7, 2018

Future headline: Belize goes to the Olympics!

As we all know our beautiful jewel is filled with raw athletic talent especially in: softball, basketball, track & field and football. In local and international media our athletes are always being highlighted for their record breaking accomplishments. So it has long been anticipated that those on the international forefront would take note and come forward willing to invest time, money and attention. For this reason, The Belize City Council’s City Planner Ms Carla Patnett has been doing an exceptional job in the past few weeks of showcasing our city’s development to those willing to invest. Most recently, international consultants Amapola Arimany and Claudio Magnifico conducted a presentation in the conference room of the City Hall to introduce their Olympic Educational Model. If this comes to fruition one can only imagine what this would mean for our Belize City youths; Professional coaching and proper training, sporting education and continuous learning, certified training grounds with new infrastructure, and of course this in turn means our youths and adolescents can qualify for Olympic Tournaments.

In an effort to keep you updated on the progress of this initiative and where your support may be most valuable we’ll keep you posted.

Download the Hoodlinks Educational Model here:

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