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Public Relations June 12, 2018

Belize City Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts has been selected by the Anglican Diocese of Belize in New York as one of its 2018 Honorees.

On June 10 Councillor Dr. Pitts was honored in New York for her, “dedicated service to family and the national development and transformation of the communities she serves”

In an interview with BBN, Dr. Pitts said, “Truth be told, I grew up in Port Loyola in Belize City, in an economically disadvantaged environment and at a time that forced me to be socially and politically conscious. I witnessed and continue to witness the alarming increase of social ills, such as poverty, crime, and violence.”

“I also continue to witness the marginalization and subjugation of certain vulnerable groupings, such as many of our youth and our girls and women. I have therefore committed my energy to the development of our community and City, with the view of helping to expose and combat some of the socio-cultural and political injustices that have marginalized and excluded large segments of our citizenry, and with the view of helping to create a society and country that are more equitable and conducive to our collective progress and prosperity,” she added.

According to Dr. Pitts, her fundamental objective in life has, “always been to reach the highest expression of my self, make my contribution to humanity, and live my life pleasing to God.”

Congratulation to Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts!!!

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