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30 Apr
April 30, 2019 0 2

Mrs. Myles 78th Birthday gift

Today, marked a very special 78th Birthday for Freetown Resident, Mrs. Veronica Myles as she was surprised at the senior citizen’s home with a visit by Mayor Bernard Wagner. Mayor Wagner gifted Mrs. Myles with a brand new-wheelchair. Mrs. Myles who is blind, expressed her heartfelt gratitude to Mayor Wagner and stated “.… this birthday was made even more special with the gift of her wheelchair.” Mayor Wagner couldn’t leave without expressing his mutual excitement and serenaded Mrs. Myles with a Happy Birthday song. Happy Birthday Mrs. Myles!

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03 Apr
April 3, 2019 0 0

Councillor Dr Pitts embarks on project for the Mesopotamia Division

Today, Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts and The Belize City Council met with the Principal of Maud Williams High school, Mrs. Cruzita Castillo to discuss a rehabilitation project for the abandoned pool within Mesopotamia. This project aims to breathe new life into the area for the students as well as the general community.

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13 Mar
March 13, 2019 0 0

Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts partakes in Belize Police Department’s Women’s Conference

The Belize Police Department held a Women’s Conference under the theme: ‘Women! Rising Above Circumstances, Inspiring and Innovating Change’. As previously reported Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts was selected as a panelist for the conference.

Councillor Dr. Pitts gave a very moving and uplifting speech and the officers were very receptive to her sincere and encouraging words…

“As women in leadership positions, we continue to struggle against biases and oppression inherent in the systems in which we operate. The few women political leaders who exist know this all too well. But, we each continue the struggle because we have to put our individual crack in the ceiling–that ceiling that prevents women from ascending to leadership positions, particularly political leadership–until the whole ceiling comes crumbling down!” — Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts

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27 Nov
November 27, 2018 2 0

Councillor Candice Pitts attends HelpAge International Meeting

This morning, HelpAge International Latin America and Caribbean Sub-Regional Network Meeting was held at the Ramada Princess Hotel to discuss the protection of the human rights of all older persons. Dr. Councillor Candice Pitts was invited to do the welcome address and engage in the panel discussion. Councillor Pitts attended a gathering at the BTL Park for the Belize City Seniors in July of this year and hearing the concerns of the seniors definitely equipped her to weigh in on the discussion today.

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26 Nov
November 26, 2018 0 0

Citco supports 16 days of Activism

The Launch of the 16 days of Activism to end gender based violence.  It’s time to impel action to end violence against women and girls; to come together as a country to end such gender based violences.

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13 Nov
November 13, 2018 0 0

Women Leadership & Empowerment Session

Councillor Javier Castellanos and the Local Economic Development Unit of the Belize City Council collaborated with the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) for a ‘Women Leadership & Empowerment Session’ held today at the City Hall.

Each presenter from Ms. Margaret Mckenzie (Legal Affairs & Court Director for the Belize City Council) to Crystal Samos (Entrepreneur Lush Spa & Beauty/Carpe Diem) shared powerful stories of failure and successes on their way to realizing their dreams while inspiring the women of our audience. We hope to have this be the first of many motivational & inciteful events for our present and future entrepreneurs.

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11 Aug
August 11, 2018 0 0

Self Care & Yoga for the women of Citco

In order for our women to continue to give of themselves they must take time to be nourished and nurtured. Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts made a conscious effort to do just this by taking the women on the forefront (Councillors Aisha Gentle & Deltrude Hylton) and behind the scenes (Mrs. Michelle Smith – Public Relations Coordinator, Sharin Pitts – Public Relations Officer, Mrs. Marcia Joseph – Human Resources Personnel) of Citco to a yoga session at Om Shanti on Fort Street. The knowledge gained was enlightening of how the human body functions and operates.

Special Thanks to Mayor Bernard Wagner for this most generous gift to our ladies. Thank you also to the Om Shanti Team for opening your doors to us and being so accommodating. The work you are doing of bringing peace and enlightenment to the women who decide incorporate this practice into their lives is truly something special.

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08 Aug
August 8, 2018 1 0

Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts invited to Women’s Conference

Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts whose portfolio includes Women, was invited to a Women’s Conference as the Guest Speaker. Issues discussed were cultural, social and political challenges women are faced with in our society. They also concentrated on the well-being of women and the many challenges they face, The discussion centered on the need to take care of themselves psychological, emotionally, physically, economically, and spiritually. The conference was hosted by God’s Masterpiece Center Limited.

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30 Jul
July 30, 2018 0 0

Belize City Council & S&B Ministries Collet Pantry Program

Thank You Sisters & Brothers in Christ Ministries & The residents of Port

Thank you to the families of the Port Loyola Constituency for allowing us to serve you today. This is simply the beginning of what is in store from the Belize City Council. A mighty big thank you to the Sisters and Brothers in Christ Ministries of Florida, with your wonderful contribution we have opened a new chapter of hope for the women and families of Port. For this we Thank

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30 Jul
July 30, 2018 0 0

Grief Therapy & Support for the Women of Port Loyola

The women of Port Loyola have endured insufferable losses of their loved ones. A heartfelt prayer and words of encouragement couldn’t have come at a better time from Mayor Bernard Wagner, Councilor Candice Pitts and the men and women of Sisters & Brothers in Christ Ministries.

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