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19 Jul
July 19, 2018 0 0

Stress Management for Sanitation staff Part II

Today at City Hall another set of Sanitation staffers came to partake in the Stress Management discussion with Ms. Juliet Simmons of the Ministry of Health and Ms. Ingrid Bonilla of Cleopatra White Clinic. It was a very impactful and eye opening discussion for our Sanitation employees. They established ways and means of identifying factors of stress and methods of control. Citco values its Sanitation employees and their overall health and there will be many more discussions to come.

Councilor Deltrude Hylton who organized the Stress Management talk is the portfolio holder of the Public Health Unit

Councilor Michael Norales holds the portfolio for the Sanitation Department

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17 May
May 17, 2018 0 0

Public Health Unit at Gateway Health Fair

Today marks the 4th Annual Gateway Youth Center Health Fair at the Constitution Park in Belize City where attendees can get free testing on everything from Diabetes to HIV.  In addition to getting a better understanding of the services offered by the organizations taking part in the Fair. Those in attendance were: The Belize Cancer Society, Belize Council for the Visually Impaired(BCVI), Oceana, Ministry of Health, Belize Diabetes Association and of course our very own Public Health Unit. Students and teachers from the various highschools stopped by and gathered some flyers, asked questions and partook in the trivia games. The Belize City Council’s Public Health Unit’s Info desk was attended to by: Ms Tiffany Diaz – Sanitation Health Educator, Ms Lucy Avila Pitts – Sanitation Health Coordinator, Ms Josephine McCauley – Sanitation Health Educator and the Councillor with the responsibility of Public Heath, Councillor Deltrude Hylton. These ladies educated the public on the duties and responsibilities of their unit as well testing their knowledge of the Mayor & Councillors. All in all it was a notch on the Health Unit’s belt of creating an increasingly knowledgeable Belize City.

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10 May
May 10, 2018 0 1

Vaccination time for Sanitation workers

Our Sanitation employees are the core of what keeps this city clean and well beautified. They rise every morning and prepare themselves to take on their assigned areas and they do an excellent job at it. These workers are to be respected, as their work takes them into sites that pose great danger to their health and well-being. Yet day in and day out they rise to the occasion and march head first into their cutting, garbage collection, drain cleaning and any other tasks given. As a result, the Belize City Council’s Councillor Deltrude Hylton, Sanitation Health Educator Ms. Tiffany Diaz and Sanitation Coordinator Mrs. Martina Lucy Pitts take great pride in ensuring that the necessary health measures are upheld when it comes to these workers. So it was a natural step to organize a vaccination for: Mumps, Measles and Rubella (MMR), Hepatitis B, The Flu Virus and Tetanus to ensure the safety of our people. This will certainly not be the last.

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16 Apr
April 16, 2018 0 1

Sanitation gets the job done!

The Sanitation Department of the Belize City Council never drops the ball always ready to get the job done right. Here we have the Before and After photos showcasing an abandoned lot corner Kelly Street and Fuller’s Lane that required quite a bit of attention with its overgrown grass and trees that required some trimming. Our team came through as they always do and had that lot looking brand new.

Special thanks to our Sanitation Supervisor Mr Simeon Alvarez and our Sanitation Manager Mr Percy Murillo for the tireless work that they do for the Council and the residents of Belize City.

Do you know of any Overgrown Lots within the city that need our help?


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