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10 Jul
July 10, 2019 0 0

Downtown Rejuvenation Project Meeting

Mayor Bernard Wagner and City Planner Carla Patnett met with project consultants and planners to discuss the Downtown Rejuvenation Project. This project focuses on the upgrade and historical preservation of the downtown area in many aspects. Smaller components of the project will come together to form a larger picture.

~Your Belize City Council…Always ’bout The People

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11 Apr
April 11, 2019 0 0

Belize City Councillor Albert Vaughan & the Works Department install 498 manhole covers in Belize City

Belize City Councillor Albert Vaughan and the Works Department employees have responded to the needs of Belize City residents and have installed 498 manhole covers to date. These streets include: King St, Orange St, Baghdad St., Euphrates Ave, Goal Lane, Vernon St, Mex Ave, Amara Ave, West Canal, Regent St. West, Regent St, Albert St. West, Albert St, Mosul St, Kut Ave, Alexandria St, Hudson St, and Barrack Road.
The Belize City Council recognizes this need and we continue to work tirelessly to ensure as many areas as possible are addressed.

Belize City Council…Always ’bout di people

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03 Apr
April 3, 2019 0 0

Councillor Dr Pitts embarks on project for the Mesopotamia Division

Today, Councillor Dr. Candice Pitts and The Belize City Council met with the Principal of Maud Williams High school, Mrs. Cruzita Castillo to discuss a rehabilitation project for the abandoned pool within Mesopotamia. This project aims to breathe new life into the area for the students as well as the general community.

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13 Aug
August 13, 2018 0 0

Road Maintenance Management Systems Unit (RMMS) completing drainage work on Newtown Barracks

The Road Maintenance Management Systems Unit (RMMS) has commenced the day’s work blowing out the culverts and drains across from Hour Bar on Newtown Barracks. This is possible with the assistance of the Sanitation staff. This follows a string of drain suction work done throughout the city.

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08 Aug
August 8, 2018 0 0

Road Maintenance Management Systems Unit (RMMS) on Freetown Road

The Road Maintenance Management Systems Unit (RMMS) was on Freetown Road infront of the ITVET Compound. They were doing some much needed drainage work and clearing culverts. This is to ensure a smooth flow of flood waters as we move further into the hurricane season. This unit collaborates with the Sanitation department and falls under the City Planning Department.

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03 Aug
August 3, 2018 0 2

Public Consultation for the Zoning Ordinance of Northside Belize City

Yesterday evening the residents of Northside Belize City attended the Public Consultation for the Zoning Ordinance at Coastal Zone Management Authority & Institute. Belize City Council’s City Planner Carla Patnett conducted the powerpoint presentation. Mrs Marilyn Ordonez Finance Director did the Introduction.¬† Thank you to our invited guests Councillor Ryan Elijio (portfolio inclusive of Tourism, Zoning and Planning) and Caribbean Shores Area Representative Kareem Musaand Citco’s City Engineer Floyd Williams for being in attendance. Extended thanks to Mrs Carolyn Trench-Sandiford of the Belize Association of Planners for your presence. As well as all our northside residents for their well-appreciated feedback which will be taken to the Innovaterra consultants for consideration.
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