Market Unit

Roles & Function of the Market Unit

The Market Unit consists of the Market Clerk – who supervises the day-to-day running of the department. In addition the department also consists of (9) Janitors (1) Market Attendant and (8) Market Policemen for security purposes.

The unit is comprised of two markets, which are the Commercial Center, and the Queen Square Market.

The Commercial Center is situated at the foot of the old historic swing bridge. This Department has several small business entities within it such as: carving and souvenir shops, restaurant, flower shop, fruits& herb shop, jewelry shops, a small grocery shop, fruits and herbs shop and a record shack which provides a mixture of music to its consumers. This market is situated to the center of town and is a main attraction for local Belizeans and tourists. At the back of the building lies the Belize Old River.

The Queen Square Market is located next to the Novelo’s Bus Station on West Collect Canal. The market supply the Belizean residents as well as foreigners with fresh fruits and vegetable, dry goods, fresh meat of assorted kind for there is a meat shop installed within the market.

People from the northside and southside of Belize City go to the Queen Square Market to shop, for this is one of the most popular markets within the city. Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays are the market most popular days, for these are the days that farmers brings fresh fruit and vegetable to sell as well as fresh meats.

The Markets operates as a business entity for the Belize City Council and it is very convenient for small business person who are interested to rent a reasonable space for there business.

Currently the Belize City Council and Social Investment Fund are retrofitting the Old Queen Square Market that had being renamed Michael Finnegan Market on Monday, 17th August 2009.

This unit falls directly under the Revenue Department.