Belize District Liquor Licensing Board Members are as follows:

Chairman – Mr. Said Perdomo
Vice Chairman – Mayor Darrell Bradley
Member – Mr. Estevan Perera
Member – Mr. Roberto Peyrefitte
Member- Mr. Edmond Quan
Member- Mr. Michael Ortiz
Advisor – Mr. Mark Bernard (Health Dept.)
Advisor- Mr. Troy Tench-(Fire Dept.)
Advisor- Mr. Simeon Alvarez Sr. (Police Dept.)
Secretary – Ms. Tricia Bradley


“Liquor” means any wine, spirits, ale, porter, cider, perry, liqueurs, cordials, and other spirituous or fermented liquor of an intoxicating nature. The sale of any liquor requires that the seller must be in possession of a valid liquor License. The Belize District Liquor Licensing Board is responsible for the approval and distribution of any liquor license within the district of Belize. Listed below are the procedures for those wishing to sell liquor.

Procedures for applying:

  1. Obtain an application form (Third Schedule four (4) copies) from the Belize City Council’s Office. A copy of an identification card is a must (Passport, Social Security or Voter ID)
  2. Place an advertisement in any local newspaper at least 30 days before the meeting and attach the clipping of the ad with the completed application form: this copy should then be sent to the Belize City Council’s Office when paying for License. A second copy should be sent to the Police Department located on Raccoon Street, third copy to Health Department located at the old Nursing School and fourth copy to the Fire Department located at B.E.C. Layout.
  3. Application’s are reviewed by the Liquor Licensing Board which meets quarterly: in January, April, July, and October of each year. However, a special meeting can be arranged at a cost of $100.00, if the customer would like to commence selling liquor immediately.
  4. Applicants should be present for the meeting. After approval, a Liquor License is issued to the license holder. These documents should be displayed in the establishment.