Public Health Department

Public Health Department

The Council’s Public Health Unit works hand in hand with Central Government’s Public Health Department.The unit’s primary functions include: the inspection of overgrown properties within the city, the inspection of food vendors, health nuisances around the city and education of city residents on safety tips and best health practices. The Public Health Unit is managed by Ms. Barbara Martinez and is overseen by the City Engineer Mr. Floyd Williams.

The Public Health Unit meets with the Ministry of Health, the Public Health Department and other governmental and non-governmental organizations to analyze and address principal health related issues affecting Belize City throughout each year.

The Public Health Unit also serves as an indirect link for city residents to many other healthcare partners that offer a wide range of services throughout the city and the country. Our Public Health Unit, though small in size, has a strong working relationship with many of these organizations. The council’s Public Health Unit is an excellent source of information for residents who have concerns about matters related to health.

Persons that would like to find out more information about services that are offered by the Public Health Unit may contact our office at telephone (501) 227-7205 extension 243, or visit us on Partridge Street.


Councillor: Deltrude Hylton

Sanitation Health Manager: Barbara Martinez

Sanitation Health Coordinator: Martina Lucy Avila Pitts

Email address: