MIS Department

MIS Department

Roles and Objectives

The Management Information Systems Department (MIS) is one of many Department s in the Belize City Council.  The Department is also one of the smallest departments in its organizational structure boasting of having only four employees, Mr. Rene Cardona- Manager. The department is supervised by the Director of Administration and has three different branch locations which is the main branch located at Cityhall on North Front Street in Belize City, the second located at the Commercial Center and the third branch office located at the Traffic Department on Youth For the future Drive.

This Department has many different tasks, roles and objectives within the Belize City Council.

Below are a few of the task objectives and goals of this Department:

Organizational Duties

  • Ensure that the proper systems/ procedures and controls are in place and correctly implemented by employees.
  • Design/ implemented revised and/ or new procedures to support operations/production changes.
  • Ensure timely and accurate generation and execution of all MIS operation. Identify and recommend improvements to established procedures, forms and workflows.
  • Prepare monthly volume statistical report example (attendance, phone etc.).
  • Directly assist users by answering technical questions concerning operating and software systems.
  • Ascertain line, network, and software characteristics desirable for the applications of company systems.
  • Analyze and test alternative equipment and software configurations and recommend appropriate alternative to management.
  • Provide technical expertise to guide employees in the execution of their roles.
  • Maintain and monitor employee attendance records.
  • Evaluate and repair personal computers.
  • Install person computer operating systems and software.
  • Connect computers to local area network.
  • Install UTP cables and connector for LAN systems.
  • Troubleshoot PC for problems.
  • Order and pick up materials needed, operate and perform maintenance equipment.
  • Estimate time, material and equipment required to assigned job; maintain records of work performed and parts used, to the MIS Manager/Supervisor etc.
  • Prints reports at the traffic department of daily revenues collected.

Deputy Mayor: Oscar Arnold

Manager Mr.Rene Cardona
Email Address: mis@belizecitycouncil.org