HR Department

HR Department

Background of the Council’s HR Department

Prior to the enactment of the revised Belize City Council Act (the new Act of 1999), the Town Clerk was responsible for all human resources matter. It can be said that the Human Resources Department developed firstly by virtue of the provisions of section 13 of the said Act which states: This department is managed by the Manager Ms. Monique Yearwood and is overseen by the Director of Administration Ms. Sharlene Rudon.

  1. The Council shall appoint a suitably qualified person as City Administrator who shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Council and shall be responsible for the day to day affairs of the Council.
  2. The Council may appoint such other suitably qualified officers and servants as it think necessary for the efficient administration of the affairs of Belize City.
  3. The power to remove, promote, or take disciplinary action against Officers and Servants of the Council, including the City Administrator, shall be and is hereby vested in the Council.
  4. The Council may pay its Officers and Servants such salaries, allowances, pensions, gratuities and other benefits out of the Belize City Council Fund as it considers necessary; and the second major factor which created a Human Resources Department of the Council was the terms and conditions of the World Bank Infrastructure Project which was signed on the 8th day of February, 1994.”

While the future business demands of the Belize City Council cannot be predicted with absolute certainty, it is conceded that the Human Resources Department must do its best to anticipate and prepare for likely possibilities. The harsh reality is that today’s fast-paced business world shows no signs of slowing down and the Belize City Council must enhance its ability to respond swiftly and intelligently to changing conditions.

Technology in particular is constantly redefining the nature of work and as a result there exists a chronic need for a more qualified, professional and technical workforce.

Yet, regardless of the economic climate, the goal for the Belize City Council remains the same: employ the highest quality talent, those who best fit a job position and are the strongest performers. This is important in order to ensure that the Council’s most valuable asset, its people, are deployed in the most effective and efficient manner possible to achieve the objectives and mission of the Council.

The Human Resources Department is presently made up of the following personnel:

Director of Administration, Manager, Personnel Officer, Executive Secretary,  Analyst and Research Officer and two Office Assistants.

The functions of the department is multifaceted, thus it assist in the recruiting, disciplining, and maintaining a conducive working atmosphere.

The Belize City Council is statistically shown to be one of the largest employment organizations within the City with a total of 287 employees. Task with this objective, the Human Resources Department is one of the most vital departments.

Major Functions

The primary function of the Department is to recruit, appraise and remunerate all staff for their work done. The department also assists each department in solving human related concerns, problems, requests, as well as maintain a work history of each and every employee of the Council.

The Director of this Department also acts in the capacity of Manager for the Public Relations Department.


Our aim is for excellent performance and revenue resulting from the challenge we place on ourselves to provide quality service to the residents of our City. We encourage our employee to climb the corporate ladder together as a team so that our duties continue to be carried out in an efficient and effective manner.


From time to time, the Council needs to fill several vacant positions which arise within the Council in furtherance of the Council’s Mission and strategic goals. This Department ensures that each personnel are equipped with the skills, aptitude and proper attitude to work within the parameters of the Belize City Council.


This Department is challenged with the formidable task of ensuring that employees in all thirteen (13) Departments of the Council are motivated to perform their assigned tasks. Experience has shown that when there is no motivation, employees begin to malinger or simply stay away from work.

Employees Terms and Conditions of Employment

The Department is always mindful of the rights of employees and to ensure that these rights (and responsibilities) are well defined, the Council adopts the provisions of the labor Act, Chapter 297 of the laws of Belize.

Performance Appraisal

The Council maintains that the process of evaluating employee performance is necessary to improve the effectiveness of the organization.

The most important part of the performance review process at the Council is the by-annual communication between managers and employees. This culminates in a structured year-end review where the focus is on job performance, training and developmental needs.

Nevertheless, the Council reiterates that there is an imperative need to enhance the appraisal system in an effort to ensure that:

  • Appraisal covers all staff and is mandatory
  • Appraisals are carried out in a fair and equitable way with due consideration paid to an individual’s needs in relation to the process and outcomes of appraisal
  • Outcomes of appraisal related directly to the expected level of performance, responsibility an competence for the particular post
  • Managers should make the appraisal motivational, ranging from praise to criticism

For additional information you can visit our office located at the Belize Insurance Center Building 1st floor, North Front Street  or call 227-3073

Mayor Bernard Wagner
Director: Sharlene Rudon
Manager: Monique Yearwood