City Planning Department

City Planning Department

Role of the department

The Belize City Town Planning Department is managed by  City Planner who is Ms. Carla Patnett and is oversee by the City Engineer Mr. Floyd Williams

The development application is used by the Belize City Council as an administrative tool, to control and regulate development within Belize City. It is through these applications that residents of the City make known their intentions to development a portion of land, and state the desired purpose, whether for commercial, residential, industrial or other uses.

Town planning dealt primarily with the regulation of land use and the physical arrangement of city structures, as guided by architectural, engineering, and land-development criteria. It then broadened to include the comprehensive guidance of the physical, economic, and social environment of a community. Elements characteristic of town planning include:

  • General plans that summarize the objectives of (and restraints on) land development;
  • Zoning and subdivision controls that specify permissible land uses, densities, and requirements for streets, utility services, and other improvements;
  • Plans for traffic flow and public transportation;
  • Strategies for economic revitalization of depressed urban and rural areas;
  • Strategies for supportive action to help disadvantaged social groups; and
  • Guidelines for environmental protection and preservation of scarce resources.

Expiration of Building Permit

Approved plans are only valid for a period of Twelve months, if the person fails to commence work within this period, he must reapply for a building permit.

Key Things to know:

Amount of parking space offered for Residential use and Commercial use:-

  • Residential – R1/R2/R3/R4– 1.0 space per dwelling unit
  • Commercial – Hotels, guest houses– 1.0 space per guest unit, 1.0 space for each three guest rooms
  • Retail and office– 1.0 space for each 500 sq ft useable floor area
  • Restaurant– 1.0 space for each 100 sq ft of public dining area
  • Dancehalls, discos, clubs, bars, and game rooms– 1.0 space for each 200 sq ft of floor area
  • Industrial use – Warehousing and light industry– 1.0 space for each building up to 1500 sq ft plus for every other 1500 sq ft thereafter
  • Community Facilities – Libraries, museums, exhibition buildings- 1.0 space for each 1000 sq ft of floor area
  • Assembly Halls – auditorium, churches, court houses, lecture halls, cinemas– 1.0 space for each 20 seats
  • Hospitals – 1.0 space for 6000 sq ft of floor
  • Clinics – 2.0 spaces for each practitioner’s office

Vehicles Loading or Off Loading Requirements:

Type of Buildings and number of loading and off loading bays required:

  • Retail Outlets, show rooms – 1.0 for each unit up to 1000 sq ft
  • Markets, hospitals – 1.0 for each unit up to 1000 sq ft plus for each 15000 sq ft of floor area thereafter
  • Warehousing and light industry – 1.0 for each building up to 5000 sq ft plus one for each 10000 sq ft of floor area in excess of 5000 sq ft to a total of 3.1.0 for each 50000 sq ft thereafter

Consideration will be given to dual use where time of operation alternative.

Criteria for plans:

  • Title block – name of owner, date, draftsman/architect
  • 3 Site Plan – parking must be shown
  • Location Plan – cross section
  • Floor Plan for Elevations – electrical layout
  • Beam Details – septic tank & soak away
  • Stairs Details – Plumbing Layout

Procedure for Applying for a Building Permit

Once the person has finished designing his structure and has completed all the architectural plans (site plan, floor plans, elevation plans, cross section), Structural plans (ground beams, foundation pile, beams and column cross-section, staircase, slab rebar design, etc), Plumbing and electrical plans, along with the design of septic and soak away, and wishes to carryout construction within the City shall do the following:

  1. Go to the offices of the Belize City Council located on North Front Street
  2. Pay their relevant application fees (to be determined based on the amount of square ft. of construction)
  3. Fill out the development application in triplicate (3 copies)
  4. Deposit complete set of plans in triplicate (3 copies)
  5. Location plan in triplicate (3 copies)
  6. Deposit in triplicate copies of the Site plan (3 copies)

The plans are then reviewed by the Belize City Council’s Building Unit  for approval, once the building plans do not conform to the Building Codes or other safety measures are required modification to the drawings will be requested. (It is important for the person to follow up this process by calling Belize City Council).

Once the pertinent modification is done to the plans, the owner is again to resubmit these plans to the Belize City Council’s Building Unit for approval. (There is no extra charge).

Once the plans are approved it is sent back to City Hall where the owner is charged a permit fee.

Then the plans are returned to the owner, and they could start to build.

Before commencement of the structure the Belize City Council must be notified of the date of the construction commencement and the property owner must request that a representative from the Belize City Council’s Building Unit be present to approve the site layout.

If a person wants to make modification to the structure he must first request permission from Belize City Council before he goes ahead. A fine may be imposed on the owner, if he fails to report such alterations.

Local Building Authority Development Fees

The permit fees cover four visits to site to inspect four different phase.

Revisits, per phase, to address modification of original approved plans: $150.00/visit/phase with transportation.

For additional information you can visit our office at 4 1/2 miles George Price Highway (Works Department) or call 222-4104

Councillor: Ryan Elijio
City Engineer Mr. Floyd Williams
City Planner: Ms. Carla Patnett
Email address: