Mission Statement

“Committed to working with the Private Sector, NGO’s, Communities and Government, to enhance our capabilities and strengthen capacity in order to preserve life and protect property”

CEMO was formally established by resolution of the Belize City Council which states as follows:

Whereas the Belize City Council actively participates in Disaster Preparedness Activities through a Tripartite Partnership Arrangement comprising The National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO), The District Emergency Management Organization (DEMO) and the City Emergency Management Organization (CEMO) ; and whereas the CEMO holds monthly meetings throughout the year for the purpose of planning for disasters; and whereas at its meeting held on November 17th,2011, all members of the CEMO unanimously voted to recommend that CEMO be permanently established within the portfolios of the Council; be it resolved that the Belize  City Council on this day 5th January 2012, approves, that the CEMO be permanently established, and that a post of CEMO Coordinator be likewise established to manage its affair.

CEMO is headquartered at City Hall, #109 North Front Street Belize City. However, CEMO’s Emergency Operation Center is set up at the Belize City Civic Center.


CEMO Responsibilities

CEMO responsibilities includes, ( but are not limited to):

  • Conducting monthly meetings throughout the year for the purpose of planning for disasters (natural and/or man-made).
  • Coordinating the resources necessary to re-store ‘normalcy’ after an emergency.
  • Coordinating training activities for public officers, schools and youth groups.
  • Soliciting voluntary assistance from members of the community before and after an emergency.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses in the ‘Emergency Action’ Plans for Belize City.
  • Maintaining Public Awareness of Local Emergency Management Activities.

Structure and Staff of CEMO

CEMO has 13 Sub-Committees under the chairmanship of the Mayor of Belize City Mr. Bernard Wagner along with the 10 city councillors.

CEMO is under the portfolio of Councillor Michael Norales and the staff of CEMO are as follows:

  • CEMO Liaison Officer: Melony Dawson
  • CEMO Field Officer: Burnel Jones

Members of CEMO are drawn from a wide range of city-based stakeholders from the Public and Private Sectors, and Statutory Boards.

Core Partners of CEMO Includes:

  • The Belize Police Department
  • Red Cross
  • NEMO
  • Health Department
  • Belize Coast Guard
  • Belize Defense Force
  • Belize Port Authority
  • BERT ambulance
  • National Fire Service
  • National Fishermen Association
  • National Met Service

CEMO Councillor: Michael Norales

CEMO Liaison Officer: Melony Dawson