Report on Activities, Accomplishments and Challenges of the Council
For the year 2009

The following is the list of Activities, Accomplishments and Challenges of the Council during the period November 2008, to November 2009. Please note that each individual department is faced with its own challenges as their role is different, but the most important ones are listed here.

Overall, the Council has embarked on many activities with many accomplishments involving the Public. Activities include:

Mayor’s Office & PR Department Activities and Accomplishments:

  1. Held Toy Bash at BTL Park for 1,300 underprivileged children on Sunday, 21st December 2008.
  2. Donated and Collaborated with the private Sector ( Princess Hotels etc..) and NGO community, Live Now Belize, and Ms. America/ Belize Pageant to offer feeding programs and assisted Schools, fire Victims, including Haven house, Salvation Army, St. Luke Methodist, Stella Morris School etc..
  3. 301 Manual Workers benefited from a discount package from Publics Supermarket that came through the efforts of the Mayor, Councilor Usher and Councilor Willoughby. Workers are from Belize City Council, Belize Maintenance Ltd. and Belize Waste Control.
  4. Belize City Council collaborated in Mission Milargo Project that offered free eye screening test for all Belize City Residents at Civic Center on Tuesday 11th March 2009.
  5. Held 1st Public Meeting of new term at City Hall (Fort George Division) on April 7th, 2nd at the Port Loyola Community Centre on Tuesday 19th May 2009. (Port Loyola/ Queen Square Division), 3rd Public Meeting at YWCA on June 9th 2009 (Freetown Division), 4th Public Meeting at St. Ignatius Parish Hall on Tuesday, July 14th 2009 (Queen Square/ Mesopotamia Divisions), 5th Public Meeting at Trinity Primary School on Tuesday, August 11th 2009 (Caribbean Shores Division) , 6th Public Meeting at City Hall on Nov. 30th, 2009 and the final which is the 7th, was held on December 15, 2009, at City Halls Conference Room.
  6. The Council Awarded Top PSE Performer with Mayor’s Award on Wednesday, June 17th 2009.
  7. Collaborated for the construction of bus sheds in Belize City at Treasury Lane and launched the opening on Thursday, 25th June 2009. In addition, the bathroom at Battlefield Park was also declared opened on Thursday, 25th June 2009.
  8. Hosted 4th Annual Mayor’s Back to School Bash on Tuesday, 25th August 2009 for over 1,500 underprivileged children.
  9. 4th Annual Belize City Council Multicultural Fair held on Thursday, 10th of September 2009 at MCC Grounds.
  10. Attending Workshop held with the Belize Bureau of Standards on November 17, 2009 at the Conference Room of Ministry of Finance, Belmopan regarding the Municipalities working with the Bureau.
  11. Employees Appraisal Workshop held on October 13 & 14, 2009 at Coastal Zone Management.
  12. Assisted with painting of buildings in the Tourism Zone area.
  13. Incremental increase for employees of the Council in January 2009. Employees on Pay Scale 1-4 received an increase of two increments while employees on Pay Scale 5 receive an increase of one increment.
  14. Feeding the homeless at Salvation Army compound on February 13, 2009.
  15. Held Mother’s Day Service for Mother’s of the Council in May 2009 and Father’s Day Service for Father’s of the Council in June 2009.
  16. The Belize City Council Website is up and running.
  17. Held our annual Tree Lighting Ceremony to distribute toys and goodie bags to over 1,300 underprivileged children and families.

Public Health Department Activities & Accomplishments:

  1. Public Health conducted a dog Eradication Project in the Month of November 2008.
  2. Hosted 3rd Annual Expo Health Fair 2009 on Thursday, 21st May 2009 at NICH Parking Lot.
  3. Public Health Department conducted an eradication of Stray Dogs for the month of June 2009.
  4. Extra Cemetery spaces have been made available.

Sanitation Department Activities & Accomplishments:

  1. Sanitation Department conducted Cleanup Campaign in Mesopotamia Division on Saturday, 21st March & Saturday, 28th March 2009.
  2. One of the largest accomplishments of the Sanitation Department was the special project worked on for the Solid Waste Disposal Agreement between Belize City Council, Belize Waste Control and the Trade License Holders, to determine whether the Trade License Holders will use the services of Belize Waste Control or will use the Belize City Council’s dumpsite for commercial garbage and pay the fee. It is ongoing.
  3. Belize City (CONTROL OF GARBAGE AND USE OF DUMPSITE) (AMENDMENT) BYLAWS, 2009 came into effect on July 1st, 2009. The Sanitation Department should now be able to generate revenues to help offset expenses for Commercial Garbage Disposal.
  4. Our ‘Day and Night Shift Hot Spot Cleaning Crews’ for the Sanitation Department have been working hard to keep the hot spots in the City clean and under control. The Day Crew starts working from 7:00 a.m. in the morning to 4:00 p.m. in the evening. The Night Crew starts working 5:30 p.m. in the evening to 1:30 a.m. the next day. They clean all hot spots and change the bags in the garbage bins placed at various spots in the City. In the day time, these hot spots are being monitored to control the illegal use of these hot spots.
  5. One thousand two hundred and seventy- six (1,276) derelict vehicles were removed.
  6. Belize City Council collaborated with Belize Audubon Society and cleaned from BTL Park to Guanacaste Park. Councilor Willoughby planted Mahogany trees at each primary and high school in Belize City.
  7. Work with residents on areas of Zoning; and worked with Mr. Ramclam on several legal instruments to help our Council to improve revenues and enforcement. The biggest being the Control f Garbage and Use of Dumpsite By-Law and the Trade Licensing Amendment.

Valuation & Legal Advisor Activities & Accomplishments:

  1. Belize City Council offered Property Tax Package of 8 % for taxes paid before April 1st 2009 for current taxes, 4% for period April 2nd to April 30th and 25% to senior citizens. (Ad was sent out in January’09).
  2. Kings Park Zoning Public Consultation held on 17th November 2009 at Lopez Mateo Park.
  3. West Landivar Zoning By-Law is before the House of Representative for approval, Completion of Trade Licensing Rolls for 2009.
  4. The Printing of Trade License Notice Assessment for 2009, the Update and printing of Property Tax Bills was also instrumental in assisting of Garbage By-laws SI 98.
  5. Brought in two hundred (200) new applications for Trade License and, update over three thousand (3,000) Property Tax files (Correction of name/address also Update one thousand five hundred (1,500) Trade License files (Correction of names).
  6. Attended Workshop held with the Belize Bureau of Standards on November 17, 2009 at the Conference Room of Ministry of Finance, Belmopan regarding the Municipalities work with the Bureau in implementing the Consumer Protection Act.
  7. Rented one new space at the Commercial Center and evicted one new tenant for non-payment.

After School Program & Parks & Beautification activities & Accomplishments:

  1. Hosted Street Games and Road Races on Albert Street spearheaded by Councilor Willoughby’s Department on Sunday, February 15th 2009.
  2. Hosted Youth Summer Camps and Sporting Programs for children.
  3. Planted plants at Isaiah Mortar Median on Albert Street by Councilor Chang and National Library Service on Thursday, 25th June, 2009.
  4. Renovation and adaptation of Battlefield Park by ICB.

Special Constable Unit Activities:

  1. Special Constables Training and Commissioned (2 days training) Burrell Boom.
  2. Conducted enforcement on different public nuisances such as: drinking, noise pollution, and improper garbage disposal.
  3. A uniform is now available for identification.
  4. Working closely with the Police Department to be more effective in carrying out duties.

Traffic Department Activities & Accomplishments:

  1. Erected two Roundabouts and one Traffic Gazebo, locations of Roundabouts are Freetown Road and St. Thomas Street, Princess Margaret Drive and St. Thomas Street and location of Gazebo North Front Street and Queen Street. Old Belize Swing Bridge Official opening was done on Friday, November 21st 2008.
  2. Worked with a wide range of customers and organizations to secure officers, and ensure traffic control for functions, including Government Ministries, churches, Businesses, Media houses, Private Residents, and various NGO’s.
  3. Assisted the Police Department with special operations, checkpoints and extra Patrol.

Market Activities & Accomplishments:

  1. Monday, 18th August, 2009, ground Breaking of Queen Square Market (now Michael Finnegan Market) Construction and due to be completed in 2010.
  2. Worked with the Special Constables to help with some enforcement in the Market and on the canal side.
  3. The accounts at the Commercial Center have almost totally been updated.
  4. The earning of overtime has been stopped.


Municipal Court Activities & Accomplishments

  1. Prosecutors Course at Police Training Academy in Belmopan.
  2. Lodged 2, 975 cases before the court and 2, 680 cases were concluded.
  3. Processed and sold five properties through Public Auction.

Human Resource Department Activities & Accomplishments

  1. Introduce the Head Count Analysis spreadsheet which is a complete report on all employees of the Council. This report consists of the information on all employees in various departments of the Council.
  2. Held different workshops for management and staff, including Employees Appraisal Workshop, performance Appraisal Report Training, Prosecutors Training, Special; Constables Training, Training on Attitudes & Customer Service for all frontline employees, Training on Financial Controls and administrative Skills for all Managers and Supervisors, Peer Education Refresher Training on HIV and AIDS Workshop Education Programme, where one employee from each department was appointed as Peer Educator.
  3. Along with these workshops and trainings, we have also implemented some initiatives to try and add, to improved efficiency and effectiveness of the Council. These include the Bio-electronic timekeeper, the Disciplinary Hearing Committee, and the soon to be re-instated Performance Appraisal System.

Works Department Activities & Accomplishments

  1. Repaired and maintained streets and drains throughout the City.
  2. Renovated Battlefield Park, among others, which have now been adopted by the private sector.
  3. Installation of two (2) culverts in the St. Martins De Porres Area to enhance drainage flow on Vernon Street and Tibruce Street.
  4. Preparation of the parking lot at the corner of Regent Street and South Street.
  5. Installation of speed bumps on Spain Street, Gentle Avenue, and Body 2000 Street.

MIS Department Activities & Accomplishments

  1. One of the major accomplishments of the MIS Department is the printing of Trade Licensing Bill a Month ahead of time.
  2. Repair and Servicing of 1 HP Laser Jet 1200 series Printer for the Municipal Court.
  3. Setting up of passwords and emails for all Councilors, Directors, Managers and Supervisors.

Finance Department Activities & Accomplishments

  1. The use of Purchase Orders is presently been used as required by Stores Order No. 17.
  2. The writing up of Accounts Payable Ledgers is being introduced.
  3. A temporary cashier’s blotter is been kept to record collections and ensure proper check and balances.

Revenue department Activities & Accomplishments

  1. Assisted in the formalization of policies for trade license fees, trade-offs and property taxes.
  2. Distress warrants have been executed successfully.
  3. The process to recover revenue from over 100 empty lots whose taxes have not been paid is in process.
  4. Maintain a seventy percent collection rate in revenues.