We provide answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and local issues relating to the services of the City Council. Didn’t find what you’re looking for, feel free to contact us.

Types of Licenses

There are a number of licensing and registration requirements required by local law. View details about licences and permits required by the Belize City Council and find out how to apply.

Property Taxes

DISCOUNT PACKAGE FOR 2018/2019 The Belize City Council informs the general public that Property Tax bills for the year 2018/19 are currently being delivered by its Revenu

Swinging Of Bridges

The Belize City Council has the authority of swinging, both regular and special swing, three bridges in the city:- The Old Belize Swing Bridge, The BelChina Bridge and Belcan Bridge at a fee

Commercial Building

The Belize City Local Building Authority approves all building plans with in the city. All construction done within the city should get approval from the Belize City Local Building Authority

Building Authority

The Belize City Local Building Authority must approve all building plans for construction taking place within city limits. Details of application fees and permits can be found here.

Billboard Services

Every person wishing to place a billboard or a banner within City limits, should submit an application form to the Belize City Council for approval. Billboard renewal fees are paid annually.

Master Plan

Urban Development scenarios and documents relating to issues involving Historical Development, Transport, Water and Sewerage, Tourism, Heritage, and much more can be found here. [wpdm-all