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What A Driver's License Id Contains

A Belize City driver’s license acts as an ID card. It grants a driver the permission to travel within Belize in a motor vehicle. The owner of such ID must carry it everywhere when driving, and when applying for a renewal.

Contents of a Driver’s License:

Photo of the Owner
Name of Owner
Signature of Owner
Address of Owner
Date when license was Issued
Date when the license Expires
Class of motor vehicle the Driver can operate with the driver’s license.
Signature of Traffic Manager

The IDs issued by the district's Town Traffic Departments are made of stock paper. The license applicant must submit two passport-size pictures. These will be pasted on the paper and then the card is laminated with a thick plastic covering. The ones issued by the city are computerized. The applicant is not required to submit pictures because the department takes these in digital form. The ID is a plastic card that is laminated by a thin film covering bearing security features.

Information to study for the written test may be gotten at the Traffic Dept. A person may take the written test within 1 week after having gotten this information to study for the written test. The practical test could be done the day after the results of this test are issued. The Traffic Inspector Officer conducts the practical test. Once the results are favorable, the license can be paid for, the pictures of the license owner taken and the ID handed over to him/her. Here are the License costs:

$90.00 BZ:
$60.00 BZ:
$25.00 BZ:
for 1st issue
for annual renewal
for a misplaced or lost ID


A license is the property of the Traffic Dept. Every license ID card bears a serial number placed on the right hand side; it is used for record purposes by the Traffic Department. When applying for a license to drive a motor vehicle falling under any class, the applicant must take a practical test. Applicants are required to take a written test only when they are trying to get Class A and C1 licenses. The following classes are described at the back of the license ID:

Class A - Private Motor Cars
Class B - All Goods Vehicles
Class B1 - Goods (Pickup) Vehicle
Class B2 - Six Wheel Truck
Class B3 - Tandem Drive Vehicle (with Trailer)
Class C - All Public Service Vehicles
Class C1 - Taxi
Class C2 - Bus
Class D - Motor Cycles
Class E - Tractor
Class F - Automatic Transmission Only
Class G - Driving with Glasses Only
Class All - All types o f Vehicles

Cemetery Office

 All queries need to be done at the Cemetery Office located at the Lord Ridge Cemetery with Mrs. Valetta Lucario before payments can be made to the City Hall. When registering a death the Death Certificate MUST be presented at the time of registering.



Grave Research $25.00 - needs to be done at the Cemetery Office

Grave Space - $150.00 Adult / $100.00 Children

Escorts $50.00 - minimum of Two (2) Escorts Required

Tombing (optional) - $1200.00 Adult / $450.00 Children


Grave Space - $250.00 Adult / $100.00 Children

Tombing (optional) - $1200.00 Adult / $450.00 Children

Escorts $50.00 - minimum of Two (2) Escorts required