Belize City Special Constable Unit

*Striving to make Belize City a safer today for a better City tomorrow*

What is the role of the unit:

The unit is responsible for the general enforcement of the rules and regulations governing the Trade and Intoxicating Liquor Licensing Act. Also assist the Council’s Department in any others form where enforcement is concerned. The unit is also responsible for the issuance of different warrants.

Below is a list of the different warrants:

Distress Warrant

  • Find the said address that is on the warrant
  • Explain to the person that a judgment has been passed for neglecting to pay property tax or Trade license of xx amount of dollars
  • The person can then pay the fine; he then receives a BCC receipt for payment made
  • If the person does not pay, good valuing the amount owing will be taken from the house (i.e. Television, refrigerator, radio etc)
  • The person then has ten days to pay the amount, after which the goods will be given back

A distress warrant can be executed from 7:00a.m to 6:00p.m. If the person doesn’t pay the fine within ten day’s the goods will be actioned for the amount owing.

Commitment Warrant

  • Find the person by using the information from the commitment warrant (name & address)
  • Explain to the person that a traffic ticket had been issued and no payment has been made, then a summons was served for a court hearing and judgment was passed for the person to pay a fee of xxx amount of dollars or serve xxx amount of months in prison
  • The person could then pay the said amount of money and in return receives a receipt
  • It the person cannot pay the fine, he will then be taken to the police station and later on be transported to the Belize Central Prison to spend the time specified in the warrant
  • After the person has completed the time, the warrant will then be written off as completed

A committal warrant can be executed anytime.

Bench Warrant

  • Find the person using the information on the bench warrant (name & address)
  • Explain to the person that he/she received a summons and did not attend court
  • The person will then be taken to court in front of the magistrate.