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Public Service Study Sheet

A Guide to the Public Service Written Test (C1 –Taxi & C2 – Bus)

  1. Public Service Vehicle means all vehicles carrying for paying passengers.
  2. A driver who applies for a special permit to drive a D-plate vehicle shall necessarily know article  X of the motor vehicle law.
  3. To be uncivil means to be discourteous.
  4. When carrying passengers in a Public Service vehicle, highly explosive must be banned.
  5. Schedule ‘R’ is the taxi fare chart.
  6. When waiting for passengers the driver of a public Service vehicle must take away things that could bother passengers.
  7. To avoid excessive weight in a public Service vehicle the driver must take away things that could bother passengers.
  8. The driver of a taxi can pick up a second passenger with the consent of the first customer.
  9. The driver of a taxi has to respect the taxi fare chart.
  10. According to the law, the driver of an omnibus has to take the precaution to ensure safety.
  11. When an omnibus is in motion the driver shall not enter into a conversation with other people.
  12. When working for somebody else a driver or a conductor must collect the right fare.
  13. Any article left accidentally in a public Service vehicle, when not reclaimed, becomes the property of the state.
  14. The driver of an omnibus shall get at least (10) consecutive hours of rest during every 24 hours.
  15. Any person who fails to comply with any regulation of a Motor vehicle law can be fined two hundred dollars.
  16. An omnibus must have at least two doors.
  17. ‘Emergency Exit’ means an extra door used in cases of necessity.
  18. ‘Emergency Exit’ must be clearly marked.
  19. In a freight passenger vehicle everybody shall sit on a proper seat.
  20. The law requires a fire extinguisher in an omnibus.
  21. A fire extinguisher means a bomb of different chemicals to extinguish fire.
  22. The driver of a Public Service vehicle shall give way to drivers on whose left an obstruction is situated.
  23. The driver of a Public Service vehicle may pickup passengers at any place.
  24. Signs on the road are for all drivers and pedestrians.